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Are you a male with a skill to share with our youth? Do you have experience in carpentry, science, mechanics, culinary arts, accounting, EMS, athletics, poetry, counseling, law enforcement?

                        If so, our youth need you!!


Our mentors are volunteers from the community and local universities. Volunteers will be vetted by the S.O.S. team through a screening process. Volunteers must complete a registration  form and submit the required background checks to be considered as a volunteer/mentor. Once you register, a packet will be sent to you with next steps.   Mentors must commit for at least two Monday and two Wednesday afternoons in a month.  


Our volunteer team are made up entirely of volunteers who share the same vision, mission and goals in helping young men succeed in life. 


Every month there will be a new life skill taught......

*changing a tire *anger management  *hygiene/ laundry *cooking 2 basic meals *using tools/wood/basic painting *STEM *finances

*physical fitness /grooming *relationships *your brand on social media

Every event will conclude with a group mentorship and peer discussion. It will be an atmosphere where our youth get to practice being a fully engaged and communicative man among men. If you have a skillset in any of the above areas, please consider committing to spending two or more Mondays a year with us.

  • FBI Fingerprint Clearance: is obtained by registering on COGENT 

  • Child Abuse Clearance: is obtained through the Child Welfare Portal.

  • Criminal History Check: is obtained through online at PATCH

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