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Why Life Skills?

Some youth have a mistaken notion that childhood is a time of endless fun with no responsibilities. Its ok to run out of money, just borrow some, regularly running out of clean laundry, cooking consist of  operating a microwave. In some ways, society has cast our youth adrift in the wider world without considering the kind of transferable skills they need.


Imagine our youth at their first job or in their first apartment. What skills should they bring to these settings? Saving our Sons, Inc. believes that our youth should be able to manage money, change a tire, cook two basic meal, tie a tie, have proper hygiene, etc…


Our life skills with community mentoring model, delivers evidence-based results and impacts all areas of a person’s life. Our youth need to be prepared for the future, whether that involves further study or joining the world of work.


When we invest in our boys, and support them at this critical time, the payback will last a lifetime!

Your donation will keep a program alive where MEN share, teach life skills and demonstrate the principles of manhood to YOUNG MEN.  Now is the time for change regarding our youth ages 7-17. 

Are you a male with a skill to share with our youth? Do you have experience in carpentry, science, mechanics, culinary arts, accounting, EMS, athletics, poetry, counseling, law enforcement?

If so, our youth need to hear from you about how to be

 responsible for the actions they do today vs. the effects of their actions tomorrow. 


OF CHOICE #53003


For MEN to teach life skills while demonstrating the principles of manhood to YOUNG MEN, enabling them to achieve their dreams and become men who are strong, responsible and productive. 

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